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Experienced Guidance For The Transition Of Business Ownership

A significant challenge facing business owners is transferring ownership from one generation to the next. Without careful planning, the new generation of owners could face unnecessary taxes, disputes and liabilities. With sound guidance, however, it is possible to protect assets while ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.

At Hildebrand Law Firm, LLC, we represent clients in a broad range of estate planning issues, including business successions. Our experience in estate planning and business law allows us to provide informed counsel to business owners preparing for tomorrow.

What You Need To Know

Business succession planning generally entails two key elements:

  • Succession of ownership: Transferring business assets through strategies such as gifting, bequesting, trusts and outright purchase

  • Transfer of power: Establishing a management succession plan, including assigning key management duties

We can help you establish a timeline for your business succession plan and implement a framework for transferring key duties as well as resolving any disputes that may arise. Our attorneys can advise you in a broad range of business law issues, from startups and transactions to sales and dispute resolution.

Not every family business survives the transition from one generation to the next. We are here to ensure that your business continues to prosper with a new generation of owners.

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