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Administration After A Loved One Has Passed

The declining health or passing of a family member is often accompanied by complex legal and financial matters that must be handled with care. The probate and estate administration process in Wisconsin can be confusing and time-consuming. But with a skilled attorney, we can advise and advocate through this difficult process.

At Hildebrand Law Firm, LLC, we represent heirs, beneficiaries, executors, administrators and others in a broad range of probate and estate administration matters. 

The probate and estate administration process accomplishes many essential tasks after a person passes away. The process entails:

  • Identifying and valuing assets of the estate

  • Collecting debts owed to the estate

  • Paying creditors of the estate

  • Distributing wealth and assets in accordance with the decedent's will.

With a sound estate plan in place, you can take much of the complexity out of this process, making it easier for your loved ones. 

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