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Estate Planning Issues? Fix Them Now, Not Later

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

When it comes to estate planning, there are a lot of difficult decisions to make and areas that need to be addressed to make sure every detail is covered. Even after the estate planning process is complete, you should review and update it regularly to account for any changes, and make sure everything is aligned to your wishes. You and your loved ones don’t want to run into any issues or uncover any problems, especially when it’s too late.

A married couple who had attended a “Seven Threats to Your Estate Plan” workshop put on by Hildebrand Law Firm learned that even though they thought all of the details of their estate plan were in line, this wasn’t actually the case. They had home and rental properties that were held by a trust, but they found out these were not protected from being a countable asset for Medicaid purposes. Their previous counsel had assured them that everything will be protected after five years if they transferred their assets to a trust, but unfortunately the language of their trust didn’t provide the protection they were looking for. Once this issue was uncovered, the team at Hildebrand Law Firm worked with them to rewrite their trust and work through additional asset protection-based decisions. This couple now has the peace of mind knowing that they have an estate plan with the asset protection language they thought they had all along.

Estate planning is the process of designating the distribution of your assets upon your death. Though it could be difficult to think about, it’s essential for ensuring that your family and beneficiaries receive what they’re due without little to no issues or complications. It will include a distribution of your assets, and can also dictate how your affairs will be handled at the point when you are unable to make those decisions yourself. When it comes to estate planning, you want to work with a law firm that you can trust.

Hildebrand Law Firm has been serving clients in Milwaukee and throughout the surrounding areas for almost two decades, handling a broad range of legal matters such as estate planning, probate and estate administration, probate litigation, family law, small-business planning and litigation, employment and labor law, real estate law, and vehicle repossessions.

Need To Update Your Estate Plan? Have Questions?

Our firm is here to help. We understand how overwhelming this process can be. Call our Milwaukee office today for a free consultation at 414-409-7122, or fill out our contact form.

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