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On-Demand Webinar Videos

Many of you have requested alternative times to view these valuable educational sessions, beyond the live schedule. Here are the seminars:

  • 7 Threats to your Estate Plan

  • Crisis Planning & Medicaid

Review the overview and select the video desired by pressing the Play Button to watch the video. After the video, scroll down and select "Arrange a Consultation" to setup a session to answer any further questions you have, and discuss next steps. 


Here are the most requested sessions:

7 Threats to your Estate Plan

  • How to control and protect your assets while you’re alive, if you become disabled, and even after you pass away

  • The legal documents everyone needs

  • The benefits of trusts and whether you need one

  • What is involved in the probate process and why you may want to avoid it

  • How to protect your assets against the high cost of long-term care, divorce, creditors, taxes, and other threats

  • How to qualify for Medicaid assistance to pay for nursing home care without losing your life savings

  • And more



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Crisis Planning & Medicaid

  • How to maximize your options if you become disabled

  • Discusses Medicaid rules and Long-term Care Insurance

  • If your health fails, how to pay for care

  • Crisis planning during a stressful time for you and your family along with common Medicaid myths

  • How to fill out a Medicaid application and the process to expect

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